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Comparative Labour and Social Security Law Research Center is established in order to conduct research on the legal infrastructure of the problems encountered in working life, to propose new solutions in the light of international and comparative law and to develop models on how improvements can be made by identifying difficulties in the implementation of existing regulations with an holistic and interdisciplinary perspective.

Main areas of interest are as follows:

  • Legal nature of the employment contract, the rights and obligations arising from the contractual relationship,
  • Subcontracting, temporary employment relationship, transfer of workplace,
  • The prohibition of discrimination in working life,
  • Working times,
  • Job security,
  • Occupational health and safety,
  • Protection of social rights in working life,
  • Trade union rights and collective labor relations,
  • Social security regulations.


Prof. Kübra Doğan Yenisey

Administrative Board:
Asst. Prof. M. Murat İnceoğlu,
Asst. Prof. Asuman İnceoğlu,
Asst.Prof. Burak Oder,
Asst. Prof. İdil Işıl Gül


Prof. Kübra Doğan Yenisey (kubra.dogan@bilgi.edu.tr)
Research Assistant Seda Ergüneş (seda.ergunes@bilgi.edu.tr)

Regulation of the Center

Regulation of the Center is available only in Turkish